Hubrick is a community-focused platform that surrounds you with your favourite content, people and brands; bringing you closer to your interests and friends. A place where unique communities come together around what people do when they watch, listen, buy, travel, & attend events. Easily, seamlessly and in one place.

My Role:

I have been working on on the verticals of the platform: shop, watch and travel including the checkout, how to integrate social behavior and connect the e-commerce in a seemless matter with all other aspects of the platform such as feed, discovery and communities.
My tasks included: User Research, Conception, Prototyping, UX, UI, Visuals, User Testing, Product Management


* Seamless interconnectivity with all parts of the platform
* Intuitive navigation
* Creating value for the e-commerce verticals
* Connect to social interactions and communities
* Alignment of all verticals visually and functionality wise
* Incorporation of token reward system
* Simplified checkout flow